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Innopet Allure Dog Stroller - Onyx

Innopet Allure Dog Stroller - Onyx

£169.95 GBP

Innopet Allure Buggy Dog Stroller - Onyx The Innopet Allure Dog Stroller in Onyx has a stylish look. This stroller is ideal for smaller dogs, cats or puppies weighing up to recommended max of 20kg. It provides high levels of comfort and safety. ***As a guide this stroller is suitable for dogs up to the size of a; Daschund, Pug, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier or Lhasa Apso. If you are unsure, or need help selecting, please use the live chat. Or call 0333 772 7407 For medium sized breeds, please look at the Sporty or the Comfort. For large breeds, the Hercules. You will find them here *** The three-wheel design is great for different types of surfaces. The all-terrain front wheel allows for...

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