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Pulla Reddy Assorted Sweets

Pulla Reddy Assorted Sweets

$17.97 USD - $61.97 USD

Pulla Reddy Assorted Sweets: Assorted Sweet is a pack full of sweetness and joy. With an awesome variety of sweets, this pack can fill the pooja plate and also bring a smile to the face of your guests. Ingredients: This set of assorted sweets complements its name with its mouth-melting taste. The sweets are made with Milk Ghee Khoya Jaggery Dry fruits Rice flour Cashews Pistachios Features: Contains 5 varieties of sweets that are a part of the Andhra tradition. All the sweets are made with pure ghee in a homemade way. Available in attractive gift packets with personalized messages. Can be stored for as long as 7 days after unpacking. Tips: Assorted Sweets should be stored in the following...



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