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Pink Cornflower Petals

Pink Cornflower Petals

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COMMON NAME Standardized: cornflower pink Other: bachelor's button, cyaniBOTANICAL NAME Centaurea cyanus Plant Family: AsteraceaeINTRODUCTION Cornflower pink is a common wildflower that has been cultivated as a garden flower for centuries. Originally a native of the Near East, cornflower now grows wild over much of Europe and the temperate regions of North America. The cornflower gets its formal name from a minor goddess, Cyanus, and its genus name from a mythical Centaur (from the Greek Centaurea), whose name was Chiron. Chiron was a renowned herbalist in Greek mythology, and is credited with teaching mankind about the healing power of herbs. In many areas of the Europe, cornflowers are ...



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