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Vassen Rainbow Blue

Vassen Rainbow Blue

$23.90 USD

Vassen Rainbow Blue Color Contact Lens Add some dimension to your look with rainbow violet and blue circle lenses that enlarge your eyes and transform you. These yearly lenses have a 14.5mm diameter that creates a gorgeous ring of color around the outside of your irises and gives you that vibe you’ve always dreamed of. The dark outer ring provides a powerful effect whilst the inner multicolor adds cuteness and charm. With gentle hues of blue, violet, and even orange, these rainbow lenses look like they’re from a dream. Add a prescription from -0.00 to -8.00, too!Diameter: 14.5mmBase Curve: 8.6mmWater Content: 42%Life Span: 1 year disposalWhat inside: 1 pair of lenses and 1 cute animal len...



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