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Vassen Cloud Nine Violet

Vassen Cloud Nine Violet

$23.90 USD

Vassen Cloud Nine Violet Color Contact Lens Have you ever wanted different colored eyes? Well you're in luck, the future is here with this Vassen Cloud Nine opaque color lens. Violet contacts can make a vibrant color change in your eyes without changing your regular eyesight. This vibrant color change will be very noticeable instantly after inserting the contacts, no matter what your natural eye color may be, and you'll be sure to get many compliments! Not only are these sure to change your eye color, they also change the size as they are 14.5 millimeters in diameter, with the average iris size at 12 millimeters. SKU: V-CLOUD-NINE-VIOLETDiameter: 14.5mmBase Curve: 8.6mmWater Content: 42%L...



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