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Royal Candy Puffy 3 Tone Turquoise

Royal Candy Puffy 3 Tone Turquoise

$25.90 USD

Royal Candy Puffy 3 Tone Turquoise Color Contact Lens Going for an adorable and innocent look? These enlarging lenses are perfect for you! With a 14.5mm diameter, they’ll slightly enlarge your eyes without making you look strange. The slight greenish/blue tint features three shades in the lens, so they appear unique yet natural. These comfortable yearly lenses can be used for everyday wear or for your next cosplay and look great on all eye colors. With this subtle dolly finish, you’ll be the envy of the town. Plus, add a prescription from -0.00 to -10.00 on either or both eyes! Changing up your eye color is easy with these Royal Candy Puffy 3 tone Turquoise lenses. They come in a beautifu...



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