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Geo Tri Color Brown Contacts

Geo Tri Color Brown Contacts

$20.90 USD

Three Color Triple the depth. Make your eyes POP with our GEO Tri Color Brown! If you are naturally brown or hazel eyed these are a must and make your eyes stand out giving you a thousand yard stare. Really nice and noticeable and beautiful color change, great for dark brown eyes and light colored eyes. Change eye color but still natural looking. Perfect for the royal highness look and wears well with a princess and queen outfit or just giving your eyes that seductive daze. Don't settle for natural brown eyes and use the geo tri color brown to add a mystique to your looks. Geo series is one of our most comfortable series and the triple brown is one of our customers most reviewed and favor...



美瞳彩色隐形眼镜 One stop shopping platform for Korean circle lenses and colored contacts including brand like Geo Medical, G&G Dueba, Vassen, Hana SPC, EOS contact lens and more.

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