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Geo Eyevelyn Brown (Silicone Hydrogel)

Geo Eyevelyn Brown (Silicone Hydrogel)

$23.90 USD

SKU: Eyevelyn-BrownDiameter: 14.2mmBase Curve: 8.6 / 8.7mmWater Content: 48%Life Span: 1 year disposalWhat inside: 1 pair of lenses and 1 cute animal lens case Silicon Hydrogel Functional Contact Lens protects your eye health and provide UV protection Eyevelyn lens is biocompatible contact lens approved by USA FDA. Natural & Elegant Appearance H2O natural wetability (keeps moisture on the lens surface and protect your eyed from dryness O2 breathability (High Oxygen transmissable provide all days comfort) UV Protection (gives you highest UV protection all time)



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