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Geo BC-102 Honey Brown

Geo BC-102 Honey Brown

$19.90 USD

Geo BC-102 Honey Brown Color Contact Lens SKU: BC-102Diameter: 14.2mmBase Curve: 8.6mmWater Content: 42%Life Span: 1 year disposalWhat inside: 1 pair of lenses and 1 cute animal lens case One of the very popular natural brown contacts. Some people called it Coffee Jazz Brown circle lenses. The dark choclate/coffee brown blend very well with brown eyes, very natural-looking Although you can see swirly pattern on the picture, they don't show it after you wearing them, it'll just blend nicely with your eyes :) Subtle and natural enlargement (14mm diameter) It's very suitable if you're looking for natural-style brown lenses :) Below real life photo credited to our lovely customer - @jjscraze



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