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Royal Candy Diamond Black

Royal Candy Diamond Black

$23.90 USD

Royal Candy Diamond Black Color Contact Lens Get that dolly look you know and love with these 14.5mm enlarging contact lenses. The diamond pattern adds slight dimension to the contacts but is extremely subtle and makes the circle lenses more natural-looking and less obvious. They give off a slightly eerie vibe, but you can dress in all pastels to offset this or wear your favorite creepy doll outfit to set the look. Want to be a real-life doll? Use these lenses every day or for a kawaii cosplay that makes you look cautiously friendly and adorable, plus choose prescriptions from -0.00 to -9.50.Diameter: 14.5mmBase Curve: 8.9mmWater Content: 38%Life Span: 1 year disposalWhat inside: 1 pair o...



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