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EOS King Size Circle Gray

EOS King Size Circle Gray

$13.90 USD

EOS King Size Circle Gray Color Contact Lens SKU: king-size-grayDiameter: 14.5mmBase Curve: 8.8mmWater Content: 38%Life Span: 1 year disposalWhat inside: 1 pair of lenses and 1 cute animal lens case EOS King Size Circle Gray - The flower-pattern design looks similar to Geo Angel Gray, but slightly larger diameter, with thicker outer limbal black ring around the lens. Gives a very good enlarging effect. Suitable if you are looking for cute & dolly looking appearance. Noticeably grey/light blue with pretty flower-pattern design Gorgeous design blends very well with dark eyes or natural brown or gray eyes 14.5mm diameter with huge black ring, gives a Big Eye Effect very comfortable!



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