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Raw Heather Honey

Raw Heather Honey

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The heather flower has been gathered for thousands of years for its healthing properties. The honey from the nectar of this bell shaped flower is higher in protein than most honey. A true gem of Latvia with rich amber colour and bitter-sweet note, Raw Heather Honey is highly valued for its strong and aromatic tones. With a creamy-jelly consistency that sets it apart from other honeys, Raw Heather Honey is the perfect source for essential vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, and natural flavor. Not to mention it’s strong aromatic tones make it the perfect compliment for your tea, yoghurt, or fruit. Like all Bee Baltic products, our Raw Heather Honey is unpasteurized and unfiltered s...

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Raw honey and other bee products straight from the Bee Baltic beehive. Enjoy our 100% organic raw honey at affordable prices. We offer real honey, beeswax candles, bee pollen, bee bread and propolis.

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