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Gift Card

Gift Card

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Are you looking for the perfect gift that will leave your friend or loved ones buzzing with joy? Bee Baltic gift cards allow you to bee generous and share your favourite Bee Baltic products with your loved ones! From our Raw Honey, Bee Bread, and Bee Pollen to our Propolis, Skin Care Products, and handcrafted Beeswax Candles, a gift card provides an effortless option for your loved ones to pick the perfect gift from the Bee Baltic shop. Our gift cards allow your recipient to purchase unpasteurised, unprocessed bee products straight from the hive. How it Works The process is very simple. Bee Baltic digital Gift Cards create a unique code to use at the checkout.. After browsing our shop and...

Bee Baltic


Raw honey and other bee products straight from the Bee Baltic beehive. Enjoy our 100% organic raw honey at affordable prices. We offer real honey, beeswax candles, bee pollen, bee bread and propolis.

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