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Pumpkin Enzyme Masque

Pumpkin Enzyme Masque

$39.00 USD

Details How To Ingredients An exfoliating mask inspired by nature to reveal your best skin. Formulated with natural pumpkin enzymes, and AHA glycolic acid to improve skin clarity. Face the world with confidence no matter what stage of your skin journey you're in. It's a customer favorite for good reason! An Exfoliating Mask Suitable For Oily Skin Combination Skin Dry Skin Normal Skin What The Pumpkin Enzyme Masque Does Exfoliates Skin with AHAs Reduces oily skin appearance Reduces congested skin to help clear pores Improves dullness Improves Skin Clarity and Skin Tone Key Ingredients In The Pumpkin Enzyme Masque Vitamin C & Beta-Carotene - Antioxidant Fights To: Defend against polluta...

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