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Hi there! I love to shop and explore different products. I love to share my loves and styles on my Instagram and on my blog. You'll find just about any topic but I like to focus on living a very comfortable and free life. Stay tuned for new content. ♥️
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P E R F E C T N I G H T S L E E...


@roccaboxuk is here to save insomniacs with the perfect bath, clear skin, smooth and silky skin and sleepy pillows.


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Roccabox Beauty Box | The Luxury Beauty Subscription | Subscribe Today
USD 14.0
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I was gifted my @beneunder_de jumper sets and...

they are so nice. It’s autumn so warm things are always welcome , but this is so soft and cosy. And the colour is so nice as well. I’m not a fashionista, so I love a good jumper that I can wear with anything.

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Signature Look
USD 50.0
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Having a little ad photo shoot in my back...

garden 😂😂😂
Have you tried @systemprofessional Color Save Shampoo?

System Professional gifted me with

Color-safe cleanse that prolongs and protects a vibrant pigment.

✨ Maintains colour, and makes it last even longer
✨ Protects keratin structure by reducing free-radicals
✨ Prevents colour shifting and contains UV filters

Elastic Force
Unique finishing treatment that instantly improves elasticity to make the blow-dry more bouncy and easier to shape.

✨ Improves resilience and strength
✨ Instantly smoothes the hair

#SystemProfessional#gifted #systemprofessionalgiftedme #complimentaryfromsystemprofessional

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System Professional Color Save Shampoo 250ml
GBP 15.92
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Another day another review

I’ve been using Alpha energy to help treat my scalp to revive its health and hopefully growth. I simply love it and have noticed differences but here are some of its benefits.

Alpha Energy
✨ Visibly fuller and more manageable strands
✨ Improves scalp moisture balance
✨ Reduces hair’s structural damage and breakage
✨ Promotes nutrient flow to hair’s roots
✨ Results in hair that feels healthy, resilient, and responsive to styling

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System Professional Extra X5A Alpha Energy 100ml
GBP 46.9
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Washing my hair with @fudgehair So I did a...

basic shampoo and conditioner wash then out of camera blow dried and braided my hair.

I really liked the shampoo. I love a shampoo that cleans and still leaves my hair soft, I know that’s the conditioner job but I love the double effect. The blow dry gel was really good. I was able to later straighten my hair as it had some heat protection. 10/10 recommend. ♥️♥️

#afrohair#afro#microinfluencer #aesthetic#video#gifted#fudge#hair#washday#explore#hairstyles#shinyhair#cleanhair

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Clean Mint Deep Cleansing Duo
GBP 21.6
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Winter is just a buzzkill for my natural hair...

it’s constantly in protective styles 🙄
Here’s one way to protect your hair with Herbal Essences coconut milk range
•Bio-renew coconut milk shampoo
•Bio-renew coconut milk conditioner
•The essences of life intensive coconut milk mask

Doubly shiny hair her i come.

What i particularly like is that it’s
• vegan
PETA cruelty free
• 100% recyclable packaging and 100% PCR shampoo bottles

You can purchase at @superdrug


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Coconut Milk shampoo | Herbal Essences UK
USD 25.0
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We’re almost out of zoom calls but just not yet. I’m loving my new webcam from @polycompany.


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Poly Studio P5
GBP 119.0
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