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Keto Breakfast Bundle

Keto Breakfast Bundle

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Rise & shine! Now you can finally start off your mornings right - with exciting, nutritious breakfasts that will best fuel your mind and body! This bundle contains all your breakfast essentials, with everything from porridge to pancakes. Get stocked up and stop worrying about what’s for breakfast! With a built in 15% discount and shipping already factored there is no math to be calcuated. The Regular Bundle contains 1 x Keto Porridge Mix (Small) 1 x Multiseed Bread Mix 1 x Pancake and Waffle Mix The Bready Breakfast Bundle contains 2 x Multiseed Bread Mix 1 Keto Porridge Mix (Small) 1 Pancake Mix Each Mix is incredibly easy to make so don’t worry, your morning feast won’t interfere wi...

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