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Keto | Cake Bite | Box

Keto | Cake Bite | Box

£48.99 GBP

In this option, we send you a months worth of NGB goodies and throw in extra week's worth of cake bites. The subscription box is for those of you who like to know they will never miss out on a regular supply of No Guilt Bakes. Yes you can have your cake and eat it regularly! It's all made up of all the flavours that you know and love and we will keep Keto Friendly - Each Cake Bite Box contains 26 Bags of Cake - 5 Raspberry Swirl - 5 Cinnamon Sprinkles - 5 Lemon & Coconut - 5 Lemon & Poppy -4 Chocolate - 2 Chochazel (we have also been known to pop in one extra packet in every box) Note we've taken out the ginger flavour as it is being upgraded to a limited edition flavour (think Ke...

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