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Tiny Cut-Out Celtic Knot Heart Charm

Tiny Cut-Out Celtic Knot Heart Charm

$10.99 USD

Material: 100% Sterling silver About 1/2 inch wide x 1/2 inches tall excluding bail (11 x 11mm) Item number: wh462 The cut-out technique used in this charm really highlights the intertwining and overlapping bands of the Celtic knot. The overall heart-shape is more than just a border for the knot; it's part of the knot, curling inward and interweaving itself with the more complex knot within. The endless Celtic knot with its connotations of eternity and interconnectedness is merged here with the traditional symbol of love – the heart.It's a perfect combination: Visually the two look to be made for each other and meaning-wise they complement each each as well. Personalize one of your favori...

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