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Shell-White Tasseled Cabana

Shell-White Tasseled Cabana

$299.00 AUD

Introducing the Shell-White Cabana. Not only does it look dreamy, it is also super simple to set up. Operating just like an umbrella. Weights (can use sand, water bottles, weights, rocks) are then placed in each corner to secure in place. Complete with tassels and ties around all 4 posts, this stunning cabana is perfect for all occasions, from casual beach days to special occasions. The cabana is made with high quality UPF50+ cotton fabric. Comes complete with a carry bag for ease of transportation. Featuring a spacious 2m x 2m square shade area. Cabana stands are also available for purchase here. Note the stand for the Cabana and Umbrella are different. **Please note cabanas may be shipp...

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