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Tires Marble

Tires Marble

$39.00 USD

Mini BMX Street Pro Fat Tire 11" marble. 6 ply, 60 psi and built to take an absolute hammering! Fast rolling and smooth, they hold their shape better than the standard tires fitted to most Mini BMXs. No more wobbles - Bomb hard approved by elite riders. Perfect for daily shredding at your local skatepark and the streets. - Smooth and fast rolling - Quality rubber - 6 Ply, incredibly strong - 60psi Pressure - 3.5 inch wide for Mini BMX Wheel. Size: 4.10/3.50_4 - Sold individually- Inner tube not included

Wildcat Mini BMX


Wildcat Mini BMX are chunky, fully spec'd mini versions of a 20” BMX bike. Wildcat BMX's are specially designed for both kids and adults to shred with ease! We ship our full range to USA and Canada.

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