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Tires | 2021 pro tires

Tires | 2021 pro tires

$44.00 USD

The brand new, 2021 Mini BMX Pro tire. Designed to fit most Mini BMX bike tires, including Fatboy, Rocker and of course, all our Wildcat Mini BMX bikes. The pattern 04 - 65psi model, the smoothest rolling Mini BMX tire ever, lighter with a faster roll speed and built to take an absolute hammering! Bomb hard approved by elite riders. Perfect for daily shredding at your local skatepark and the streets. - Smooth and fast rolling- LIGHT!- Quality rubber- Incredibly strong- 65psi Pressure- 3.5 inch wide for Mini BMX Wheel. Size: 4.10/3.50_4- Sold individually- Tube not included but can be purchased here Please note, shipping time on the some tires will be 7-10 days. More colors to come soon.

Wildcat Mini BMX


Wildcat Mini BMX are chunky, fully spec'd mini versions of a 20” BMX bike. Wildcat BMX's are specially designed for both kids and adults to shred with ease! We ship our full range to USA and Canada.

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