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Disc Brake Rotor

Disc Brake Rotor

$30.00 USD

Replacement rotor for the Wildcat disc brake. For the complete Mini BMX Disc Brake kit, please click here Disc Brakes are a great investment to keep younger riders safer until they gain confidence. Wildcat is the only manufacturer that makes a Mini BMX Disc Brake - we are the safest Mini BMX in North America. Please note disc brakes will only fit the rear of Original 2 and Pro Series Frames, they do not fit Original 1 frames. If you are wanting to fit it to a Non-Wildcat brand of Mini, please email us to understand if it will fit or not or check out our FAQ page which clarifies which Fatboy Mini BMX it might fit on. It won't fit on a Rocker Mini BMX. For instructions on how to install you...

Wildcat Mini BMX


Wildcat Mini BMX are chunky, fully spec'd mini versions of a 20” BMX bike. Wildcat BMX's are specially designed for both kids and adults to shred with ease! We ship our full range to USA and Canada.

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