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9 tooth driver Steel Rim

9 tooth driver Steel Rim

$40.00 USD

A sealed 9 tooth cassette hub with a built-in racheting drive mechanism for fast, precise, and loud engagement. This cassette is ONLY available on Wildcat Mini BMXs. Because this mechanism is housed inside the hub, it allows for a smaller sprocket allowing much higher gearing and faster pedalling speed. Suitable only for Steel Rims - not suitable for Turbo Wheel or Cross Wheel Set. See separate Drivers Should you require the sleeve, please contact us for available colors and options. Please allow up to 14-21 days for delivery.

Wildcat Mini BMX


Wildcat Mini BMX are chunky, fully spec'd mini versions of a 20” BMX bike. Wildcat BMX's are specially designed for both kids and adults to shred with ease! We ship our full range to USA and Canada.

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