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Tinted Facial Sunscreen

Tinted Facial Sunscreen

$29.99 USD

Tinted Facial Sunscreen Best zinc oxide sunscreen for face [shortdesc] “What did I do without this? I wear it in place of makeup and it's GOOD for my skin!”— Linda B Our non-toxic, tinted facial sunscreen is the cleanest, healthiest sunscreen you'll find. Use it daily to stay protected from the sun and avoid the white cast from mineral sunscreens. Made with 25% non-nano zinc oxide and 8 other certified organic, edible-grade ingredients. True broad spectrum 31 SPF reflects 97% of UVB + UVA rays + Blue Light Exceptionally clean formula we use only superior quality, minimally processed ingredients [/shortdesc] Waxhead Tinted Facial Sunscreen The best non-toxic sunscreen you'll find anywhere....

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We believe humans were made to play outside. Our uncommonly safe sunscreens and skincare are trusted by smart fishing guides, surfers + healthy moms everywhere. Go Waxhead.

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