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WAVE Eco Short Sleeve

WAVE Eco Short Sleeve

$31.99 USD - $33.99 USD

Recycled T Shirt [shortdesc] Join the Florida Waxhead Team with this short sleeve t shirt made from upcycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles. Fabric is never re-dyed, thus lowering energy and water use, while also reducing pollutants and carbon emissions.• 60% upcycled cotton + 40% recycled plastic• Keeps 5 plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans• Standard Length, Unisex Fit, Crew neck [/shortdesc] 100% Recycled Material Shirt is manufactured with a minimal amount of chemicals and water — thus lowering carbon emissions and environmental pollution. It's made from upcycled cotton from manufacturing scraps and recycled polyester (rPET), saving reusable textiles and plastic bottles fr...

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We believe humans were made to play outside. Our uncommonly safe sunscreens and skincare are trusted by smart fishing guides, surfers + healthy moms everywhere. Go Waxhead.

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