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Premier Digital Tens Ems Combo 6000

Premier Digital Tens Ems Combo 6000

$139.00 CAD

Premier Stim PlusDigitalTENS/EMS Comb With AC POWER PLUG TENS is a medically recognized, drug-free method of controlling childbirth and musculoskeletal pain. We offer two types of TENS machines- one specifically for pain from child birth, and one specifically for muscle pains. Managing your pain doesn't have to be invasive or expensive. Fully Digital TENS /EMS UNIT. Features Fully Digital Premier 6000 Max 100mA output, 99 steps of intensity control Key Lock Feature Large LCD Display Pause Function Treatment Timer for Patient Compliance Auto-shutoff in 5 minutes if not used Easy to use press button controls Sturdy metal belt clip Low battery indicator Treatment Timer Countdown 9V battery I...



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