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iWALK Hands Free Crutch 3.0

iWALK Hands Free Crutch 3.0

$199.00 CAD

iWALKFree is proud to announce the release of the all new iWALK3.0! Three years in development, we've taken the best features of the proven iWALK2.0 and added numerous improvements to create the best iWALK crutch yet! Fitting is faster and more intuitive Wider foot increases stability 54% to reduce adaptation time and increase user confidence Vibram tread has 36% more surface area to provides increased traction Compound tread rocker gives a more natural gait Knee Platform Pad uses a new high resiliency foam for better comfort and durability. Air channels keep things cool Improved strapping system reduces slippage New strap pads are more comfortable and make strap adjustments easier than e...



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