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Dr. Ho's Neck Comforter

Dr. Ho's Neck Comforter

$46.00 CAD

Neck Comforter Get professional neck traction and stretching at home with DR-HO'S Neck Comforter. Relax your neck and shoulders to help reduce headaches, neck, shoulder, and hand pain. Improve your circulation, so your hands aren't cold and numb. Increase your range of motion, improve your posture, and feel the neck pain relief you've been longing for with our neck and back pain relief DR-HO'S Neck Comforter is the latest and best innovation for providing traction for your tight and sore neck and shoulder muscles. You no longer have to worry about those other traction devices which utilize weight and pulley systems. The DR-HO'S Neck Comforter is portable and easy to use. Simply inflate it...



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