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CloSYS Oral Rinse 16 Oz Bottle (2 Pack)

CloSYS Oral Rinse 16 Oz Bottle (2 Pack)

$69.99 CAD

Tired of using oral care products that burn and irritate? Some companies don’t seem to understand that the mouth is sensitive. That's why dental professionals recommend naturally activated CloSYS for exceptional oral health, without irritating the most sensitive mouths. CloSYS Ultra-Sensitive is a highly effective oral rinse that's gentle like water, and the only mouthwash to come unflavored, with optional flavoring. Add a little, a lot, or none at all, you're in control. Alcohol-free • Dye-free • Triclosan-free • Sulfate-free • Gluten-free, CloSYS Ultra-Sensitive Oral Rinse provides these benefits: Ideal for solution for sensitive mouths – naturally activated & pH balanced for sensit...



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