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Vitamin D3 5000iu

Vitamin D3 5000iu

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5000iu Per Tablet or Softgel Contributes To The Maintenance of Normal Bones & Teeth & Normal Immune System Function Strong 2500% NRV Daily Intake 3 Sizes Available 90 (tablets), 180 (Softgel) and 360 (Softgel) PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT VITAMIN D3 PRODUCTS AVAILABLE ON THIS PAGE, BOTH CONTAIN 5000IU OF VITAMIN D3 PER CAPSULE/TABLET Our Vitamin D supplement is ideal to help protect from the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Our Vitamin D tablets are suitable to vegetarians, our Vitamin D Soft gels are not. Vitamin D3 is the easiest of the vitamin D vitamins for the body to absorb. 5000µ is the ideal daily amount of vitamin D3 for the body to consume. What Is Vitamin D Vita...

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