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Stevia Tea - Loose Leaf

Stevia Tea - Loose Leaf

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100% Pure Stevia Leaf Make Your Own Natural Sweetener - Stevia Syrup Our Stevia Tea was harvested in Paraguay from specially selected Stevia plants. The leaf has already been cut and sifted of excess dust, so it is ready to steep the perfect cup of herbal tea. Available in 25g, 50g, 100g and 200g packs, if you require a bigger size, please contact us. Stevia loose leaf tea can be steeped alone as a single-herb tea, which is mighty sweet! Alternatively, it can be easily mixed with other herbs to add a hint of sweetness to your favourite tea. Add to bitter herbs such as safflower, oolong, black tea or milk thistle stevia will a hint of sweetness, of course depending on how much you use, on ...

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