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Racy Hibiscus Tea Bags

Racy Hibiscus Tea Bags

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Unique Balanced Fruity Loose Tea With Hibiscus At Its Core A Hint of Chilli Gives This Tisuane A Firey Dimension Combining Seven Well Know Herbal Tea Ingredients For Well-Being Source of Essential Oils Hibiscus is one of our favourite botanicals and tea we all drink daily; we have created this balanced and intriguing blend with hibiscus as the star. Hibiscus flowers tart and powerful flavour is enhanced by this blend. Lemongrass introduces essential oils that add viscosity to the steep, while ginger, orange peel, carrot and rosehips give it body, we added a hint of chilli to add an element of surprise! Ingredients Hibiscus Flowers, Ginger, Rosehip Shells, Apple, Carrots, Orange Peel, Lemo...

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