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Hawaiian Spirulina Powder

Hawaiian Spirulina Powder

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100% Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Powder Excellent source of Iron and Vitamins A, K1, K2 and B12 Source of phycocyanin, GLA and SOD 60% complete protein by weight Rich source of antioxidants Our Hawaiian Spirulina Powder has been grown in the pristine environment of Kona, Hawaii; this is important as micro-algae can absorb contaminants from the environment. Harvested from tanks located in a biosecure zone, there is zero chance of contamination with genetically modified organisms (GMO's). Grown in outdoor tanks harnessing the year-round warm temperatures and using water that's been filtered by lava rock in Hawaii's Aquifers, Kona is the perfect place to grow Spirulina. Grown With Deep Ocean Wat...

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