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Organic Lemon Verbena Tea Bags

Organic Lemon Verbena Tea Bags

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100% Pure Lemon Verbena Leaf Tea - No Other Ingredients Soil Association certified organic Rich In Essential Oils and Antioxidants Bold Single Ingredient Tea Crisp Vibrant Zesty Flavour Unbleached NON-GMO Tea Bag Our lemon verbena tea bags are made with the finest organic certified lemon verbena leaf and wrapped in an unbleached natural brown NON-GMO tea filter paper. If you enjoy bold, fresh flavours then our lemon verbena tea is for you! What is lemon verbena tea? Lemon verbena is also known as Aloysia citrodora and Lemon Beebush; it's a perennial plant native to South America that contains potent essential oils and antioxidants, revered in traditional medicine systems. When steeped it ...

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