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Organic Ginger Tea - Loose Leaf

Organic Ginger Tea - Loose Leaf

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Soil Association Organi Certified Pure Ginger Root - Zingiber Officinale Loose Tea Size and cut will vary throughout the year If you like pure ginger tea then this is for you, pure organic ginger root air dried and chopped into 1mm to 6mm pieces perfect for steeping alone or being added to your personal blend of the day! If you love ginger tea but are getting a little bored with the usual, try this! Our organic certified 100% ginger root tea provides a spicy ginger blast that will make you wonder what's in the other so-called Ginger teas. 100% Pure Ginger Tea Using nothing but finely chopped ginger root sourced from India and grown under the strictest organic conditions, then the ginger r...

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