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Organic Daily Detox Tea

Organic Daily Detox Tea

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This Blend Contains 100% Soil Association Certified Organic Herbs A Balanced Blend Combining Fennel Seed, Aniseed, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root and Liquorice Root A Bright And Vibrant Blend of Ayurvedic Herbs Made Using Unbleached Brown Filter Paper Our house blend daily detox tea contains only Soil Association certified organic herbs. By combining fennel seed, aniseed, dandelion root, burdock root and liquorice root, we have developed a potent fusion of traditional Ayurvedic herbs that help maintain health and support detox. A Great Tasting Detox Tea By using the correct ratio of the finest quality organic herbs, our detox tea doesn't only support a healthy body, but it bursts with flavo...

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The Natural Health Market is a specialist organic herbal tea, whole foods and food supplement company that manufacturers all products in house ensuring premium quality and service always.

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