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Organic Hibiscus Tea

Organic Hibiscus Tea

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Soil Association certified organic Pure Hibiscus Flower Tea Delicious tart flavour reminiscent of cranberry Made using oxygen-cleaned, plastic-free compostable filter paper NON-GMO Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags made using Soil Association approved, certified organic hibiscus flowers and NON-GMO, oxygen-cleaned, plastic-free compostable filter paper. Organic Roselle tea, also known as Organic Hibiscus flower tea, is delicious herbal tea grown throughout Asia and the Americas. The tea has a distinctive red-brown colour, fresh, fragrant aroma and a citrusy flavour, which makes it a favourite herbal tea to consume at any time of the day. Roselle Tea: Ancient Flavours, Modern Remedies Roselle, Kar...

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