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Organic Ginger Tea Bags

Organic Ginger Tea Bags

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100% Pure Ginger Tea No Flavourings, Fillers or Bulking Agents Plastic-Free Filter Paper Soil Association Organic Certified Made In England A rare pure Ginger Tea; made with only chopped certified organic ginger root this tea has an intense taste and impressive 'zing' that makes it moreish beyond belief, a comfortable level of spice provides a nutrient-rich warming sensation. Our Ginger tea bags contain only 100% organic Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale), this is not a blended tea nor does it contain any bulking agents, fillers or binders, just pure ginger root! Our teabags are made using a NON-GMO, unbleached natural brown filter paper that's biodegradable, so there are no reasons to fee...

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The Natural Health Market is a specialist organic herbal tea, whole foods and food supplement company that manufacturers all products in house ensuring premium quality and service always.

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