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Baby Girl Doll With Dummy & Sounds Grey

Baby Girl Doll With Dummy & Sounds Grey

£18.99 GBP

Dolls are the oldest toys in the world. Once made of fabric, straw, clay, porcelain, currently made of silicone or vinyl, invariably from years are an integral part of a child intellectual and emotional development. Thanks to them, kids can see the representation of themselves. Bibi Dolls gives little people a better understanding of themselves and those around them. 18" BABY DOLLSThey are high quality beautiful soft-bodied girls and boys dolls with open eyes and soft trendy clothes HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALSMade from high-quality vinyl / 2/3 of arms and legs/ and a soft fabric body, these 18 inches dolls are ideal for cuddling LUXURY OUTFITSThey are dressed in trendy luxury outfits and a mat...

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