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18" Soft Bodied Baby Doll Boys Toy

18" Soft Bodied Baby Doll Boys Toy

£17.99 GBP

Did you know that playing with dolls can provide important emotional development for children, regardless of gender? It helps children create a safe environment in which they can experiment with seeing the world from other perspectives and learning empathy and interaction strategies­­­This beautiful soft body doll is designed for everyone, girls and boys, kids and adults. Cute and realistic looking, it is a perfect pretend play toy. 16 BABY SOUNDSSmall soundbox placed at the front of the doll body in a specially made pocket make 16 baby sounds. You can hear the laughter, cry, cough sound, words like mama, dada or gibberish sounds, similar to the sounds a regular baby would do. LUXURY OUTF...

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