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A Little Adventurous

A Little Adventurous

$22.05 USD - $58.12 USD

Some of our more unique (and fun!) flavors. This box is for someone who likes to be a bit adventurous with their chocolate! Cardamom Chocolate TrufflesA farmer’s market customer brought us cardamom seeds and requested we try using it for our truffles. Magic happened! This spice blends smoothly with our 60% dark chocolate, giving it a comforting aromatic sense. It quickly became a fan (and family) favorite and even won awards! Tres Incendios TrufflesSpanish for “three fires”, this truffle has a bit of a kick at the end. Supplied by our local “Hot Pepper Herb Farm“ are ancho, serrano, and guaillo chili peppers which we infuse in our dark chocolate ganache. You can taste sweet pepper, dark c...

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