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Swede-O Thermal Vent Plantar DR

Swede-O Thermal Vent Plantar DR

$47.00 CAD

Swede-O® Thermal Vent® Plantar DR has a nonelastic strap that pulls the toes upwards, placing the foot into a slight dorsiflexion position. The combination of the thermal properties to reduce inflammation and the stretching of the plantar fascia while sleeping may aid in the recovery of Plantar Fasciitis. Engineered with MVT²:Micro Ventilated Thermal Technology Thermal Vent Supports have a soft thermal lining that captures and retains your natural body heat to help relieve pain. The microventilated, breathable membrane is comfortable against the skin and provides a free flow of air which allows the skin to breath. With unsurpassed quality, these supports provide gentle compression and war...



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