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Infracare Day-Time Bunion Aligner

Infracare Day-Time Bunion Aligner

$54.99 CAD

This soft get enables separation of the first and second toe. An external flap cushions the Bunion from external abrasions. PLEASE NOTE, FOR SANITARY REASONS WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON THIS ITEM Direction for use: Just slip it over the big toe, pull it under the arch and latch it to back of feet. The Ultra-thin Bunion aligner is available in 3 sizes, from small to large for comfortable fit.Read instruction slip inside the box on use and maintenance. Benefits: Made of a special ultra-thin material called power net,(fits into shoes) it gently aligns the big toe towards its natural position. You can notice the difference right away. This is made of breathable material and is co...



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