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Natural Dog Chews - 100% PORK Pieces

Natural Dog Chews - 100% PORK Pieces

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Pork Curls - Natural Air-Dried Dog Chews 100% Pure Pork Skin – No Worries over Nasty Chemicals or Scary Ingredients – Relax Knowing each Chew is Simple, Long Lasting & Natural (130g) 100% NATURAL! Because our natural dog chews are made from 100% pure pork skin you know exactly what you are feeding your dog – no wheat – no grain – no glycerin – no cereal – no additives – no preservatives – just 100% pure pork tail skin which means you’ve no hidden nasties to worry about (Suitable for dogs over 16 weeks) A FRESH APPROACH! Help clean your dog’s teeth and gums with natural 100% pork skin that grinds on the teeth and gums to help stop plaque in its tracks. No need to buy products whose wei...

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We want to help end your pet parent worries over hidden nasties. By offering simple yet tasty dog treats with just a few premium ingredients. So you can relax knowing exactly what your dog is eating.

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