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Titanium Square Bullion

Titanium Square Bullion

$15.00 USD

Ti, Element #22 This is a sample of .997 commercially pure, grade 2 titanium in the form of a square periodic table entry. One side shows the simple entry, as seen on classroom walls, showing the atomic number (22), the atomic weight (47.87), the symbol (Ti), and the name (titanium). On the other side is a more complete entry providing additional technical information including the melting point, the specific gravity, and the the purity of the sample. Finally we inscribe the sample with its actual measured weight to the hundredth of a gram. If we take an example weight of 6.80 grams, convert that to moles, and multiply by Avogadro's number, you're getting an astounding 8.55455 × 1022, or ...

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