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Facemask Animalier

Facemask Animalier

$15.00 USD

Cloth facemask washable, reusable, organic. Each facemask is handmade in Italy, one piece at a time, by expert artisans.They fit well from nose to chin, they are very breathable and do not slip down the nose.The non-woven polypropylene inside fabric (also known as TNT in Italy) provides a number of benefits including bacteria inhibition, adsorption, filtration, and softness, all characteristics that qualify it as one of the key-materials to manufacture face masks. Also, it's 100% recyclable, waterproof and very durable. Please visit the Animalier Collection here for matching items: Backpack Mask / accessories carrier Dog bandana Keychain Dog carrier purse COMPOSITION Outside: 1 ply organi...



Eco friendly Shop for doggies and their humans. Only high quality organic fabrics, handmade by Italian artisans.

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