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Tunki | Peru

Tunki | Peru

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This Peruvian Tunki is an award-winning coffee hailing from the Peruvian Andes and named after the locally found Tunki bird. The farms are situated in the Tambopata Valley, south-east of Peru, on the border of Bolivia at an average altitude of 1700m. The varietals are mainly Bourbon and Caturra although Catimor is also fairly common. This is globally one of the most difficult and logistically challenging of origins, with an intense four-day trek, climbing to almost 5000m to cross the mighty Andes just to get this coffee to port. The farmers belong to the Aymara and Quechua indigenous peoples and are all co-operative members. On average each family manages a smallholding of around two hect...



We are a small family business passionate about providing freshly roasted speciality coffee. Only the finest green beans are ethically sourced by us to give you the best possible coffee experience.

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