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Swiss Water Decaf | Peru

Swiss Water Decaf | Peru

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Sol and Café was founded in 2005, with support from the Caritas Jaen technical team. They quickly moved to acquire the necessary organic and sustainable trading certificates to sell into North America and Europe and grew from their initial 27 clusters of producer base groups to more than 60 producer associations bringing together some 1,000 farmer families. Sol and Café has followed a steady growth plan, sticking to clear and strictly applied membership criteria. This coffee is grown and harvested by farmers who have an average farm size of about 20 hectares. Rather than processing their own coffee they deliver cherry to a local wet mill. The mill will sort and process this as washed coff...



We are a small family business passionate about providing freshly roasted speciality coffee. Only the finest green beans are ethically sourced by us to give you the best possible coffee experience.

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