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Beeches Blend | Colombia & Brazil

Beeches Blend | Colombia & Brazil

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Having Burnham Beeches on our doorstep has brought our family much joy over the years. It's a special place for us and dear to our hearts. Colombia | El Tambo | 50% Sandra Vallejo is part of an association made up of small coffee producers in Santuario, Risaralda. It only has 40 active members and are very strict with the coffees they receive from their members (only 84+ coffees). This has helped their community push coffee quality up and that is how we found Sandra, a women that had to take over the farm when her husband died 6 years ago. Mother of 2 children, she had to learn fast about coffee and found a strong support in the association. With their help and the natural benefits of her...

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We are a small family business passionate about providing freshly roasted speciality coffee. Only the finest green beans are ethically sourced by us to give you the best possible coffee experience.

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