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Electric Scooter Brake Pads

Electric Scooter Brake Pads

$9.99 USD

Brake pads for ZERO/VSETT Electric Scooters. Be sure to check the fitment information below to ensure you purchase the proper pads for your scooter. ZERO 9/10 Front Brake Pad: ZERO 9 - Front Only ZERO 10 - Front Only VSETT 9+: VSETT 9+ Front and rear ZERO 8X Front+Rear/10 Rear: ZERO 8X Front and rear ZERO 10 Rear Nutt Stock Brake Pad With Cooling Fins: ZERO 10X With Nutt Brakes VSETT 10+ With Nutt Brakes VSETT 11+ With Nutt Brakes ZERO 11X With Nutt Brakes Large ZOOM Brake Pad: ZERO 10 - Rear Only ZERO 8X ZERO 10X With ZOOM Brakes ZERO 10X With Cable Brakes VSETT 10+ With ZOOM Brakes VSETT 11+ With ZOOM Brakes ZERO 11X With ZOOM Brakes

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